Blue Sky Hill top

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This Blue Sky Hill Top property is located between Cuervito and Conte de Pavones. It’s almost two hectares, and it has lots of space to build. Being located in a high part of the Cuervito area, it is ideal to enjoy all the splendor of the Pavones blue sky and beautiful colors from the sunrise to the sunsets, or to enjoy the starry nights and impressive full moons that the Pavones skies can offer to its visitors, It has ocean view from which the sunsets colors could be enjoyed, and the view  could be improved with a second-story house which could provide a stunning view of the sweet Gulf

This property is a hill top in which the highest part is a flat and extensive area, which makes it perfect to build your home, It also has small flat areas around it where you can build other structures, On one side of this property, you can find a spring of water and also has its own artisanal well, It is almost 100 meters in front of route 611, which is a national route

This property offers a lot of privacy to its future owners since it is not located in the main tourist area, but it is still only 15 minutes from Playa Pilón and 22 minutes from Río Claro de Pavones beach, which makes it pleasant since it has privacy and easy access to the beach, and in addition to that, it allows its owners to leave the area in a more efficient and faster way to access other services such as shopping centers, supermarkets, pharmacies, hospitals, banks, and other facilities since being further out of the tourist area can exit more quickly

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19,603.74 m2