• Randy Walker

    Born in northern California in 1973. I always loved being in the water and started surfing when I was 14.

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  • Pavones Surf Shop

    Pavones surf shop is located in la Hierba Pavones about 2 miles before the town of rio claro, here we rent and sell Epoxy surfboards

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  • Arelys Zuñiga

    Arelys was born in Golfito Costa Rica, raised on the beach in Pilon of Pavones, In 2009 created Pavones Surf Shop

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Pavones Surf Shop

Welcome to Pavones Surf Shop, your ultimate destination for all things surf in Pavones, Costa Rica! Pavones is home to the world’s second-longest left wave, and at the heart of it is Pavones Surf Shop. Established in 2010, our store has been dedicated to building high-quality surfboards and customizing them to meet the unique preferences of our customers. We take pride in providing a comprehensive experience for surf enthusiasts, from manufacturing top-notch surfboards to tailoring them according to individual tastes.

Pavones, boasting the world’s second-longest left wave, attracts hundreds of tourists each year. Beyond the exceptional waves, Pavones is renowned for its rich biodiversity, surrounded by stunning aesthetic beauty where mountains meet the beach—a perfect blend of nature, surf, beach, mountains, and wildlife.

At Pavones Surf Shop, we do not just manufacture surfboards; we also offer high-quality repairs, essential surf accessories, and an incredible selection of souvenirs. Our service is highly professional, with a focus on customer experience, always striving to provide excellent service. In our commitment to sustainability, we recycle the majority of our waste, from styrofoam to leftover resin from the manufacturing process. These remnants are responsibly repurposed for souvenirs, jewelry, and even the creation of fins. The Styrofoam leftovers are sent back to the factory to create new blocks, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Leading our team is Randy Walker, a veteran with over 35 years of experience in surfboard manufacturing. Randy not only shapes the boards but also meticulously oversees the entire manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality products.

Alongside Randy is Arelys, our passionate co-founder, immersed in the surfboard manufacturing industry for many years. Since 2010, she has been at the helm of business administration and, since 2016, has become an integral part of the manufacturing process as a glasser. Her dedication has made history, becoming the first Costa Rican and possibly one of the first Central Americans women to take on this role.

Essential to this family of entrepreneurs are Nickol and Kyle, Randy and Arelys’ children, who not only are key to the company’s success but also, provide inspiration to their parents at every step of the manufacturing process.

Since our foundation in 2010, we have not just dedicated ourselves professionally to surfboard manufacturing; we have also been active members of the community. Randy, Arelys, and their children have participated in community events, donated labor, and contributed to various social initiatives within the community, giving back to this beautiful community that has given so much to this entrepreneurial family.

With all government permits in order, at Pavones Surf Shop, we strive not only to offer exceptional products but also to lead with a strong commitment to the community and the environment. We invite you to be part of our story and commitment to the community and the environment. Discover the passion for surfing at Pavones Surf Shop, where each wave tells a story, and each product carries the love for the sea. Welcome to the Pavones experience!

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