Longboards for rent

Here at Pavones Surf Shop we want to give the best experience to our customers, that’s why we offer top quality surfboards, making us the best option in the area for renting boards

PRICE. $ 20 per day (ask about our promotion if you pay cash)

Insurance deposit: $100. Please note, deposit is cash only since we will give it back to you when board returns

Benefits in renting surfboards with us:

  • Boards are in great condition
  • During the rental period you can switch between the available boards and find which board suits your surfing style and the conditions of the waves at the time of your stay (this option does not apply if you rent a new board)
  • If you want to rent a board for a minimum of one week, you can choose from one of our new boards and enjoy your vacations with a new rental board, (when you rent a new board you cannot change boards during your rental)
  • Another reason why we are your best option for the surfboard rental is that if you rent a board with us and then decide to buy it, we minus the rental fee of the value of the board, this option only applies to the same surfboard.

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