Beyond the waves

Beyond the waves represents our stores, our factory our lives, and we wanted to capture the essence of Pavones, that’s why we created beyond the waves

Pavones surf shop Is more than surfboards it’s about a family creating a product that somebody can enjoy, about the feeling of a customer telling us “I have the best wave of my life” it’s about all our effort to create the best product for our customers and take it beyond the waves.

Pavones isn’t just about the amazing waves, it’s about the feeling of sharing with the friends in the water and having fun every time you go out no matter if you are an experienced surfer or its your first time out, also about enjoying nature, you connecting with the environment. Pavones is about the people and the “PURA VIDA” life and many friendships you can make with the amazing variety of nature you can find, rivers, waterfalls and much more.

Is not only enjoying waves its enjoying life in paradise, Pavones is the land where you can go BEYOND THE WAVES



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