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About Randy Walker

Born in northern California in 1973. I always loved being in the water and started surfing when I was 14.  My first board was a Doug Haut, I got used and it needed some repair. I had some experience with fiber glass building model RC hydroplanes, so had no problemRead More

Beyond the waves

Beyond the waves represents our stores, our factory our lives, and we wanted to capture the essence of Pavones, that’s why we created beyond the waves Pavones surf shop Is more than surfboards it’s about a family creating a product that somebody can enjoy, about the feeling of a customerRead More

Ingenuity Surf Designs

The ingenuity logo was created in 2017 after new ideas for our surf products Ingenuity represent the knowledge of the high performance products we can create from surfers’ abilities advancing and scientist experimenting with formulas to create the materials for surfboards, every year as materials, surfboards and surfers become moreRead More

About Arelys Z-J

Arelys was born in Golfito Costa Rica, raised on the beach in Pilon of Pavones, In 2009 created Pavones Surf Shop, during several years she was taking care of the legal part of the business but always interested on the process of making surf boards and spending time in theRead More

About The Boards

PROCESS OF SURFBOARDS This E.P.S. foam is made here in Costa Rica. The foam is poured into blocks which are cut with a hot wire to the specified dimension and rocker. All scraps are then sent back to the factory to be recycled to make more boards. Stringers are milled fromRead More

About Pavones

Pavones is home to one of the longest left breaking warm water waves in the word. The main point called Rio Claro named after the river flowing into it can break up to a 3/4 of a mile. Also there is another point called Rio Saleas and various reef breaks.Read More

Randy Walker logo

In 1990 i had some ideas for a logo and i asked my friend Tim to draw it for me. The idea was representing human ingenuity. I wanted to use a skull since I was always fascinated with them. Tim added a symbol on the skull head which represents ancientRead More

Pavones Surf Shop

Pavones surf shop is located in la Hierba Pavones about 2 miles before the town of rio claro, here we rent and sell Epoxy surfboards custom made by RANDY WALKER , we also have a full line of leashes , track pads and board bags from creature of leisure F.C.S. and FutureRead More

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